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Everett Commercial Real Estate Information

Everett is the most populated city in Snohomish County with a 2016 census population of 109,000. The commercial real estate market in Everett is driven by the Boeing Company. According to the Economic Alliance of Snohomish County, Boeing employed 34,500 at the Everett plant in 2017. Moreover, the Aerospace industry accounts for 50% of jobs among the top fifty sectors in Snohomish County.

Infrastructure in Everett Washington

Everett is well supported by a strong regional infrastructure. The Port of Everett offers access to worldwide destinations with a deep-water port facility. The Port can service major cargo movement with a facility that can support the shipping of containers, break-bulk, and barge transportation. The Port also operates a Foreign Trade Zone #85.

The City of Everett features a full-service general aviation airport that can accommodate the largest aircraft. Beginning in the fall 2018, Paine Field Airport will begin commercial passenger flights with United Airlines and Alaska Airlines. Paine Field Airport also supports the robust aerospace industry of Snohomish County.

Freight rail service is also available, which is critical for certain Everett commercial real estate owners and businesses. Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railroad and Union Pacific operate the regional freight rail system. Light rail will soon be available through Sound Transit and will provide regional commuter service to north Seattle and eventually Sea-Tac.

Everett Retail Market Statistics (2017 Year End)

487,936 547,573
545,715 653,727
5,900 10,495
9.7 16.6

Everett Office Market Statistics (2017 Year End)

407,466 475,496
554,295 657,522
14,984 5,765

Everett Industrial Market Statistics (2017 Year End)

755,999 598,331
861,133 821,597
174,998 105,558
8.7 13.8