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Ferndale Commercial Real Estate Information

There are several main areas of commercial development located within Ferndale’s city center and the outlying areas. Downtown Ferndale is enriched with commercial retail along Main Street with pockets of light industrial near the city center. There is not a great deal of room for growth within Ferndale’s city center, but there is opportunity for retail commercial lease space.

Ferndale’s largest commercial, industrial, and manufacturing land supply for development includes the area on both sides of I-5 north of Bellingham and South of Ferndale’s City Center. The area on the east side of the freeway along the Pacific Highway between Slater Road and East Axton Road is leaning towards larger commercial retail centers due to high visibility freeway exposure. There are portions of this area that have storage facilities and warehouse distribution centers that typically set back off Pacific Highway’s frontage.

The area west of the freeway along Labounty Road is primarily industrial and manufacturing including businesses that need small retail storefronts incorporated into a larger warehouse. Freeway visibility is limited in this area near Slater road with high visibility freeway exposure dominating the area South of East Axton to just South of Smith Road.

Retail, Office, and Industrial Market Statistics

Another area for commercial growth in Ferndale is located along I-5 on Portal Way. Portal Way parallels the freeway between Ferndale and Blaine with some heavy industrial and railroad access but this area has a lot of Highway Commercial zoning.

Ferndale’s City Government has made a huge effort to attract commercial, industrial, and manufacturing users away from the City of Bellingham with obvious success. The permitting process is notably much quicker in Ferndale with smaller impact fees along with a more friendly development environment than the City of Bellingham. Ironically this same tactic was used successfully by the City of Burlington drawing a huge commercial and industrial base away from the City of Mount Vernon over the last 25 years.

Ferndale Retail Market Statistics (2017 YTD)

18,065 17,743
22,323 20,503

Ferndale Office Market Statistics (2017 YTD)

3,921 15,248
4,631 17,514
14.6 24.9

Ferndale Industrial Market Statistics (2017 YTD)

61,301 85,186
61,301 141,188
12.4 21.6