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Marysville Commercial Real Estate Information - Smokey Point and Tulalip

Marysville is the largest market for commercial real estate north of Everett Washington. The greater Marysville commercial real estate market relies heavily on the retail and light industrial sectors. Geographically, Marysville is laid out perfectly to accommodate commercial real estate, as the entire area is located within the I-5 corridor. Notable companies located in the Marysville I-5 corridor include the Seattle Premium Outlets, Wal-Mart, Costco, Home Depot, and many other big box retail businesses.

In addition to strong retail commerce, Marysville also has a dominant industrially based economy. The vision of the Smokey Point MPA (Master Plan Area) for the City of Marysville is to establish a commercial/light industrial park that, based on the allowable uses in the zoning designations, provides jobs for residents of Marysville and expand the City’s commercial/light industrial base.

Marysville Retail Market Statistics (2017 YTD)

261,571 199,038
315,262 257,386
10.2 21.2

Marysville Office Market Statistics (2017 YTD)

15,578 18,215
15,571 29,534
0 106
5.5 18.3

Marysville Industrial Market Statistics (2017 YTD)

70,618 136,603
133,206 220,365
7,693 21,108
5.4 23.1