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Mount Vernon Commercial Real Estate Information

The City of Mount Vernon is the established county seat for Skagit County. Mount Vernon’s historical commercial and industrial hub is located along the Skagit River in the city center. This area has been established for redevelopment along the Skagit River for better public access and mixed use commercial and limited residential.

The City of Mount Vernon has established the area along College Way on both sides of I-5 between Fir Street and Hoag as general commercial and retail mall some of this area was initially developed in the 1970’s and is poised for redevelopment by chain medium box and big box stores.

The primary light industrial and mixed commercial districts follow the main railroad line from Fir Street intersecting Riverside Drive, College Way, almost to Hoag Road. Included in this area is Parker Business Center which begins at Continental Place, east to Laventure Street between College Way and Roosevelt Avenue. Besides retail stores and small strip malls in this area there has been a substantial increase in specialty medical and dental facilities with an ample land supply still available.

South of Mount Vernon from Blackburn Road to the city limits along I-5 a very large commercial/limited industrial zone has been established. A diverse group of businesses are taking advantage of the high visibility freeway exposure that range from equipment dealerships, building supply centers, manufactured home dealerships, and fuel services. The western portion of this zone fronts the railroad mainline.

Retail, Office, and Industrial Market Statistics

The City of Mount Vernon has established a friendly and responsive planning department that encourages existing business growth and welcomes new investments into the community. The permit process in Mount Vernon is considered fast track compared to most municipalities in the area and is an obvious effort to compete with the neighboring City of Burlington for a solid revenue base.

Mount Vernon Retail Market Statistics (2017 YTD)

103,093 175,104
23,504 8,102

Mount Vernon Office Market Statistics (2017 YTD)

43,914 73,018
0  129
12.5 21.1

Mount Vernon Industrial Market Statistics (2017 YTD)

9,280 37,836
1.5 21.6